Sielaff SÜ series

SÜ series

Automatic versatility

Technology, talent, individuality – terms that aptly characterise Sielaff spiral vending machines. Their modular structure makes them highly versatile and flexible to maximise sales at every location.

Our spiral vending machines are perfect for a vending line, are ergonomic, suitable for wheelchair users and well equipped to be filled with whatever you choose: whether confectionery, snacks, drinks, fresh food or non-food items.

Thanks to their modular structure they offer a wide range of combination options. Intelligent product dispensing technologies reliably deliver even bulky and fragile items to the customer. For instance, the optional anti-tip rail for tall products enables the sale of baguettes and the innovative Softdrop lift system even transports yoghurt, fruit or glass containers securely to the delivery pocket.

Snack items, bags and bar products are stored in the spiral systems and dispensed based on a first-in-first-out principle. All vending machines can be fitted with various combinations of spirals and multiflex pushers for easier dispense of drink cartons or similar non-food items.  Reinforced shelves make possible the sale of heavier products.