Your partner in automated sales

The highest demands for quality, specialized service personnel and personalized customer are what Sielaff prides itself on.

Services you can rely on!

Specialist Advice on Machine Configuration
Sielaff Specialist Consultants provide you with detailed information on our products either over the telephone or on site. In this way your individual requirements are always taken into consideration.  Once your order is placed, we produce the machines to your exact specification, including installation of any payment systems, to save you time later.

Optional Extras
We consider ourselves as your vending partner.. This is why we offer you an extensive additional range of products. These include storage cabinets and sales counters as well as hard and software solutions to support you in using and servicing our machines and systems.

After Sales Service
Sielaff service naturally does not stop after delivery. Who could know your machine better than the people who designed and built it? This is why our customers, with good reason, place their faith in our in-house expert knowledge after-sales team. Whether at our factory or on your site our supply and customer service network is there for you with instant advice and fast response time on site. Sielaff service gives you peace of mind at all times. Monday to Friday we assist you to solve any problem immediately and, normally, spare parts are dispatched by courier within 24 hours.

Sielaff’s modular build system simplifies spares stockholding
The Sielaff Modular build system:  Even if you have machines with different sized housing, doors and configurations, Sielaff’s modular build system uses common parts as far as possible.  This certainly has advantages when stocking spare parts.

Delivery and Installation by Specialists
Sielaff’s delivery service: For large customers, we generally use our own delivery lorries and trained personnel; this minimizes the risk of transport damage and dispenses with the use of packaging materials.

The Most Modern Production
Sielaff’s production technology is state-of-the-art! Substantial, continuous investment in development and production, as well as qualified and motivated employees, allow us to produce competitively at our factory in Herrieden.

Long Life is a Tradition at Sielaff
As your trusted technology and service partner, our extensive experience and technical knowledge will assist you throughout the entire life of the vending machine. Original parts produced by or for Sielaff stand for longevity and reliability. Regular internal and independent quality checks are carried out and the results are apparent long after delivery – at your premises and those of your customers.

Environmental Protection: The Hard Facts
The foundation of our thinking is sustainable activity in every area of the company. The aim to ensure the greenest possible solution is behind all of our products. Our ecological and social commitment goes a long way to achieve this.