Sielaff SiLine GF

SiLine GF

Glass front vending machines with a lift system

The new SiLine® GF generation of machines is based on a straightforward principle: With its clean lines and high value, puristic design, we focus on the most important feature – delivering high turnover for you.

The universal feature on all SiLine® machines is touchscreen, which means
commissioning and operating have never been easier. Up to three payment systems can also be effortlessly integrated.

SiLine® cold drink vendors display your range of products in a vibrant setting. Behind the extensive glass front is the LED-illuminated interior where up to 8 shelves are located. Every cold drinks machine in the SiLine® GF series offers optimum product presentation: First-in-first-out mechanism, full-length glass front with perfect product illumination, Sielaff lift system for gentle dispense. There are almost no limits when it comes to product selection and filling this vendor.

The shopping cart function enables an order of up to 5 products in one purchase. The operator uses the deal button to offer an attractive combination of products.