Sielaff Robimat X-Series

Robimat X-Series

High capacity glass-front vending machines

High capacity and wide range of products
Suitable for the sale of glass and PET bottles, cans and cartons from 200 to 900 grams

Product containers

Shelves are divided into three sections with up to 9 selections, with transparent product retainers so as not to restrict product visibility

Product delivery basket
Made from high quality plastic, the basket can be removed by hand and cleaned in a dishwasher

Product delivery experience

A quiet but fast lift system delivers the product virtually without shaking in under 10 seconds


Fitted with compact, push-in cooler unit. CO2 version available as an option

Easy to commission
Simple to manoeuvre using a pallet truck (no pallet required), as the Robimat X-series stands on its own, height-adjustable feet – so that you can start selling immediately.

All components have been tried and tested for a long time and are easily accessible for ease of servicing.

Exceptionally quiet, so therefore suitable for locating in offices and hotel environments.

Demonstrate your individuality
Let housing colour, lower door area and lift branding express your individuality for competitive advantage

Ecologically engineered
Energy rating of A++. The internal cabinet is fitted with LED-lighting and insulated glazing. This machine is made to 99.71%* (*of total weight) out of recyclable material

High Security

Every machine in the X-Series is also available in a High Security version.