Sielaff SiOne series

SiOne Small

SiOne Small

Our SiOne Series has got bigger. SiOne Small offers efficient return of empties within the smallest space.

The SiOne Small is easy to manoeuvre using a pallet truck and is perfect for integration into an existing vending line. The robustly-constructed SiOne Small offers more protection against vandalism and greater stability for transporting.

The SiOne Small bottle deposit collector that thinks big!

    Your advantages:

    • Acceptance of PET-returnable and non-returnable packaging, cans and cups
    • Material recognition (cup acceptance is possible either with or without barcodes)
    • Acceptance speed: Up to 30 units per minute
    • Capacity: Approx. 400 bottles (0.5 l PET) or approx. 560 cans
    • Cashless validation systems can be easily integrated


    • Can be easily transported using a pallet truck

    Basic data:

    • Dimensions (H x W x D): 1.830 x 780 x 711 mm
    • Weight in kg: approx. 140 kg
    • Electrical data: 220-230 V/50/60 Hz/min. 10 A