Sielaff SiOne series



The SiOne is the low-cost solution for handling returnable and non-returnable drink packaging, i.e. PET-bottles, cans and cups. Sielaff’s intelligent technology using barcodes for reliable recognition of all types of packaging.

Easy to use and fast operation ensures that the process for the end user is successful, hygienic and clean.

    Your advantages:

    • Acceptance of PET-returnable and non-returnable packaging, cans and cups with EAN-code
    • Barcode recognition (up to 10,000 codes) 
    • Acceptance speed: Up to 30 units per minute
    • Capacity: Approx. 600 bottles (0.5 l PET) or approx. 700 cans
    • Can be incorporated with other machines into a vending station
    • Bespoke branding of door and side panels possible
    • Modular design: service-friendly and easy to recycle

    Basic data:

    • Dimensions (H x W x D): 1.830 x 990 x 880 mm
    • Weight in kg: approx. 150 kg
    • Electrical data: 220-230 V/50/60 Hz/min. 10 A