Sielaff SiOne series

SiOne series

Automated clealiness round the clock

The SiOne is the cost-effective solution for the return of disposable and reusable drinks packaging such as PET bottles, cans or cups. It is especially designed for locations where compacting is not necessary. The concept is impressive due to its tried and tested technology housed within a new vending machine design. It is really easy to use; a further guarantee of top customer satisfaction. Its modular structure enables the unit to be easily cleaned in next to no time.

The SiOne offers maximum anti-fraud protection and detects all drinks packaging with deposits – invalid or manipulated labels and packaging are rejected. Thanks to intuitive programming, uniform menu prompting and container recognition, new products are rapidly and easily integrated in the system.

Separation into two fraction units such as PET bottles and cans or disposable and reusable packaging enables precise sorting. Details that are typical to Sielaff such as fold-out bins for collection bags or the fast, easy changeover of containers on castors means high user-friendliness. Disposal can be completed in next to no time.

Intelligent practical solutions which successfully promote environmental awareness.